Student Safety

To All Parents and Guardians of MCS students
This is just a note to let you know that the lower parking lot will be closed off from 8:15am-8:35am and also again at 2:15pm-3:00pm.  We have a lot of traffic and students moving at the same time. Our biggest concern is student safety and we are finding it more challenging to monitor the coming and going of our students when traffic is moving.
Drop off in the morning is the drop off zone at the front of the school. There should be no parking in this zone in the morning. Please feel free to come in with your student if you need to but parking, for now, will be on the street. All students need to come to the top doors as they are not to be entering the building until 8:20 when the bell goes for all students.
If you would like to come into the building at any time please come in and check in with the admin assistants, sign in, take a visitors tag and proceed into the school.  This again is about student safety.  Please remember to return your tag and sign out when you are leaving.
If you are picking your student up you may park on the road or in the drop off zone, this is for the afternoon only.  Please wait for the buses to be dismissed and then the students not taking the bus will leave the building.   We are trying to reduce the amount of students moving around when the buses are loading.  If you need your student to leave before the buses do please come in the building and pick them up.  If a student is leaving with an adult then we know that they will be safe.
We are working with Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy to support us with our student safety.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping all our students safe at MCS




Auditions this week! Please  check your time.

Recorder orders due Friday.

Soccer Intramural 1st recess

Manchester Vs Newcastle

Last day for Grade 6 Leadership letters!
Great job by everyone who participated in Cross Country yesterday.


Auditions for band continue all this week. Please double check you audition time,we had 5 no-shows yesterday!

Recorder orders due Friday.

Intramural soccer. Liverpool vs Everton. Teams are posted by the gym.

Cross country today after school, please meet downstairs by the gym.