Message From Public School Branch September 21st.

All schools in the Public Schools Branch will be operating tomorrow

As a result of a threat to schools, all Prince Edward Island schools were evacuated on Wednesday, September 21.

School emergency evacuation plans were activated with cooperation from Island police agencies and school administration.  All students were moved from the facilities by school staff to safe locations identified in each school evacuation plan. Students were then bussed home or picked up by parents.

RCMP have advised that all English public schools have been searched by law enforcement, so with that in mind, schools will be opening at their normal hours on Thursday, September 22.

“I want to thank all students, staff, administrators, law enforcement and community members for their cooperation in assuring the safety of our students,” said Public Schools Branch Director Parker Grimmer. “All over the province, school communities pulled together to get students home safely and we greatly appreciate everyone’s efforts.”

Tomorrow, and next week, school-based counseling support and PSB Student Services will be organizing supports for students who may be troubled by today’s events.