2:15 band today at 2:15.

Volleyball Intramurals at 1st recess

White vs Orange

Pink vs Green

Blue vs Yellow

Girls Volleyball after school today.

Intramurals at 2nd recess Mme.Shannon and Mrs. Burke.

Special Olympics Fun Day forms are due back to Mrs.Munro.



Christmas Glee Choir will begin on Friday at 1st recess and it will be open to students in grades 4-6.

Girls Volleyball tomorrow after school.

After school basketball forms are available from Mrs.Munro.

Thursday Volleyball intramural’s saw Yellow win against Green,Orange win against Blue and Purple win against Red.


Remembrance Day Ceremony is at 1:45 today.

There will be 2:15 band right after the ceremony . It may be a little late but will go aheadĀ  anyway.

Boys Volleyball after school today.

Volleyball intramurals at 1st recess today: Blue vs orange,Yellow vs Green, Red vs Purple.



Gr.2/3 Choir and Remembrance Day Choir rehearsal in Mr.Giddings room at 11:35 .

Our performance is tomorrow!!

3:00 Band after school today.

Boys Volleyball after school tomorrow.

Food items for the Food Bank to be picked up within the next few days.


No 2:15 band today. Our next rehearsal will be on Thursday.

No Phys.Ed or Music today.

Gr.6 leaders will be around to collect the first group of students right after the announcements. The number next to your class is the station number you will start at. Please do not switch stations until you are asked!

Storytellers will meet tomorrow,no meeting today.

Early French Immersion Information Session


A parent information meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 1st for parents considering Early French Immersion for their child. The meeting will provide general information and is intended for parents considering French Immersion for the 2018-19 school year or any year after that. The meeting will take place at 7:00 in the school’s staff room, entrance by gymnasium.


Gr.2/3 Coir And Remembrance Day Choir at 1st recess in Mr.Giddings music room.

STudent VS Staff Doctor Dodgeball after the announcements today.

Volleyball today after school for the girls.

Tomorrow is Orange and Black Day. We will be doing our Fall Frolic day.

Thanks to all MCS students for showing great respect during Friday’s assemblies.

Please follow SURF rules on the playground.