“Island Rebels” at 2:15pm

“All Rocked Out” after school today.

Badminton Team practice at 1st recess.

Gr.6 Badminton Intramurals- Any gr.6 student is welcome to attend.

Last school Wrestling practice today from 3pm-4pm

Jr.Red Rock will practice from 3pm-5pm.

This is the last practice today for our gr.5 &6’s so attendance is important.

Our Popsicle Sale is back again this year! This Thursday and Friday we will be selling Chapmans Lolly Popsicles for $1.00.

Help  support the Easter Seals.

Mrs.Robyn’s Group will be selling guess on a jelly bean jar.Winner gets the candy!!

Guesses are a $1.00 each and will be on sale at recess times in Mrs. Robyn’s room.



No Glee Choir today. Our next rehearsal will be Wednesday.

Gr.5 Badminton Intramurals at 1st recess.

Jr.Red Rock after school today until 5pm.

A big thank you goes out to  everyone who supported the Cool Kids Care ice cream sale and allowed us to donate $332 towards our school Easter seal total coming up on Apr.25,2018.

No ball hockey tomorrow.


No “Island Rebels” today.

Badminton practice today after school for those advancing to the zone meet.

The last basketball practice will be this Saturday from 10:30am-12:00pm.Reminder,there is no basketball Friday.

The Cool Kids Care ice cream sale runs today. Upstairs classes can buy at the boot tray area at 11:10am and the downstairs classes can buy at 11:35 by the gym.Thanks for supporting Easter Seals.

Boys bathroom by the gym is out of order for the day.

The Cardigan and Area Minor Ball Ass. has released the dates,times and location for player registration for the 2018 season. They are as follows: Wednesday April 18th Cardigan Village Office 6pm-8pm

Saturday April 21 at the village office 9am-2pm

Forms can found at https://www.baseballpei.ca/cardiganforms

Any questions or concerns contact John Munro.



Gr.2/3 Choir at 2nd recess.

Gr.4-6 Glee Choir at 1st recess.

“All Freaked Out” after school today.

Congrats to the Badminton Team who competed yesterday.

School Wrestling after school from 3pm-4pm.

Junior Red Rock wrestling from 3pm- 5 pm today.

Students and Teachers tomorrow is a big day and your chance to show empathy. We are having a Cool Kids Care ice cream sale for Easter Seals. There are no online orders for this sale so only students who remember their $2 will have ice cream and donate to this important cause.

We are asking that everyone wear a jersey of some kind on Thursday.  If you don’t have a jersey wear green.  Let’s show our support for all the people who are suffering.  Our theme is Empathy this month.  What a great example!


Gr.2/3 Choir at 2nd recess.

Gr.4-6 Glee Choir at 1st recess.

Badminton Team practice at 1st recess. Good luck to all badminton players competing here tomorrow in the Divisional Meet.

Winners in the March Active Families Challenge

Wyatt & Wason Bulpitt….Family Skate pass

Jack & Sam MacDonald……Family Swim pass.

Be sure to get your pictures in to Mrs.Munro for April’s Draw