May 7,2018

“Island Rebels” at 2:15pm.

What an amazing show on Saturday at the PEI Schools of Rock Showcase. Our bands represented our school well.

Phys.Ed classes will be indoors but we will still do the double class schedule that was emailed out last week for Grades 5&6.

High Jump tryouts in the gym at 1st recess. Tryouts are for grade 5&6 students.

Active Challenge: Get your pictures in for May.

Morning Floor Hockey tomorrow for grades 4-6.


May 3,2018

Gr.2/3 Choir at 2nd recess.

Glee Choir at 1st recess, Part 1 only

The Rock-a-Palooza: PEI Schools of Rock Showcase is on Saturday at the Murphy Center. sound check times are 12:15pm and 12:30pm, the show starts at 5:00pm.

Band members please return your forms ASAP

Assembly is today right after lunch for the whole school.

Leadership please meet at the gym at 1st recess.

May 2,2018

No “Island Rebels”today.

There will be “All Rocked Out” after school.

Band members,please return your forms for Saturday’s show!

Jr.Red Rock after school today from 3pm-5pm.

Students please remember that there is no standing or slime allowed on the bus.

May 1,2018

Gr.2/3 Choir at 2nd recess.

Glee Choir at 1st recess.

Today is the last day to enter the Drum set  Giveaway Contest.

Leadership meeting at 1st recess today.

Track and Field  tryouts will be held next week. Please come prepared with outdoor shoes.

Phys.ed may take place outdoors throughout May and June so please have outdoor sneakers.

Today is the last day for Empathy ballots.

Gr.4-6 ball hockey Wednesday.

Gr.1-3 ball hockey on Thursday.


“Island Rebels” at 2:15 today. This will be our last rehearsal before Saturday’s event.

Tomorrow is the last day for entering the Drum kit Giveaway Contest.

Jr.Red Rock Wrestling today after school from 3pm-5pm.

Congrats to 11 wrestlers who did amazing at the Maritime Wrestling Festival over the weekend.

No gr.4-6 ball hockey tomorrow.

Gr.4-6 ball hockey Wednesday

Gr.1-3 ball hockey on Thursday

Empathy Assembly will be Thursday after lunch.

Leadership meeting at 1st recess in the gym.



Gr.2/3 Choir at 2nd recess.

Gr’s.4-6 Glee Choir at 1st recess. Please make sure you are there.

Tuesday will be the last day for entries in the Drum set Giveaway Contest. Tell Mr.Giddings why music is important to you and why you need a drum set at home.

Only a few days left to get pictures in for the Active Families Challenge.

Good luck to all wrestlers heading to the Maritime Youth Wrestling Festival.

If you did not receive a permission slip for morning floor hockey please see Mrs.Munroe, Gr.4-6 will go on Tuesday and Girls gr’s 1-3 will be Thursdays.