Auditions for the Talent Show continues today. Please make sure your talent is “performance ready” at the audition. This means you need to practice it and be sure of all your music and supplies when you arrive.

No “Island Rebel” today.

A shout out to the boys floor hockey group! Thanks for being good teammates, accepting the referees calls & the rules of the game.

Today is the last day for Kids Club with Claudia until January 18th.



Talent Show audition continue today! Also,today is Mr.V’s last day with us. We wish him well on his teaching career,

Boys Floor Hockey after school today


Auditions for the Talent Show begin today. Make sure your act is “performance  ready”. Also,if you created your own lines on the sign up sheet, you audition will be on Monday.

“Island Rebels” at

‘All Rocked Out” at 3:pm today.

Boys Ball Hockey goes today and tomorrow after school.

Intramural’s at 2nd recess for Mme.Shannon &Mrs.Burke’s classes


The Grade 6 classes will be having a bake sale:

When:   Make plans to bring $ for Wednesday, December 13th– 11:10 AM for upstairs/11:35 AM for downstairs classes.

Where:   Upstairs- Please find the corner with 2 grade 6 classes (close to the office)

What:   Yummy sweets (including gluten free)

Why:   For a Christmas Charity……..  For Unity and Kindness to those in need

How Much:   50 cents per item



Talent Show auditions begin tomorrow. Make sure your audition is “performance ready” if your audition is chosen for the show.

Girls floor hockey after school today and boys tomorrow.

Don’t forget to get your picture  for the “Active Families Challenge!” Pictures are due Dec.20th.

The upstairs classrooms were awarded their 1st Mega Clean Award tickets today. Look by the upstairs boot trays to see the top classes. Special thanks to Robert MacKay for picking up boots for his classmate.

The Kindness is Sweet Bake Sale for the full school happens tomorrow. Students, plan to take .50 cents for a yummy treat.


“Island Rebels” at 2:15 today.

Auditions for the talent show will begin on Wednesday this week and run until Tuesday. Please sign up for an audition ASAP. Your audition must be performance ready.

Reminder that girls after school hockey is Tuesday and Boys has moved to Wednesday. Floor hockey group will meet Tuesday morning at 7:50.

Mrs.Robyn and some of The lunch Bunch will be selling candy grams Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  50 cents each, spread the Christmas spirit.

Bake Sale Wednesday December 13 in the grade 6 corner upstairs. 50 cents per item, gluten free items available.