No “Island Rebels” today.

There will be “All Rocked out” after school.

T-shirt sales for the Upper floor at 1st recess. Remember tomorrow is the last day to purchase T-shirts.

Respect Recognition & Acceptance Introduction Assembly will be held tomorrow at 9:00am for the downstairs classes and 9:30am for the upstairs classes.



Gr.2/3 Christmas Choir at 2nd recess.

Gr.4-6 Christmas Glee Choir today at 1st recess. We only have 2 more rehearsals before we are on stage!

Girls basketball today after school.

Tomorrow will be the last day to get your poppies in.

If you have any pictures for the assembly on Respect please send them to Mrs.Munro by 3pm Wednesday.

School T-Shirts are for sale by the office at 1st recess for students in K-gr.2.


“2:15 Band ” today at 2:16pm

Gr.4 basketball intramural’s at 1st recess

School T-Shirts sales start today at noon. Students in Gr. K-2 can come up to purchase their shirt by the office.

Active Families Challenge is on!

Get your pictures into Mrs. Munro.

Jr.Red Rock Wrestling after school today.

There will be No ball Hockey tomorrow.


Gr.4-6 Christmas Glee Choir at 1st recess.

Band Students: Please make sure you are listening to our songs to actively learn them so that our last rehearsals before the concert aren’t wasted.

Don’t forget to get your pictures in to Mrs. Munro for the “Active Families Challenge”.

School T-Shirt sales start next week !


2:15 Band today at 2:15

No kids club with Claudia on Friday.

Any Gr.5 students wishing to come down to play basketball at 1st recess can do so today.

Boys basketball after school today.

Don’t forget to get your pictures in for the “Active Families Challenge.”

School shirts on sale Monday.


Gr.2/3 Christmas Choir at 2nd  recess.

Gr.4-6 Christmas Glee  at 1st recess.

“All Rocked Out” after school today.

Students, Leadership and E.A’S heading to the Intermediate for Special Olympics Fun Day today.

Boys Basketball after school today.


No band today. Our next “2:15 band ” rehearsal will be on Thursday.

Great crowd at Morning Floor Hockey this morning!

Girls basketball today after school.

The first day of Jr. Red Rock wrestling last night, if you didn’t get a chance to come out you can join practice next Monday.

Special Olympics Fun Day is tomorrow afternoon.

Basketball intramurals at 1st recess for all interested Gr.6 students.