Gr.2/3 Christmas Choir at 2nd recess.

Gr.4-6 Christmas Glee at 1st recess. Last day for new members.

Jr.Red Rock Wrestling starts today right after school.

Basketball Intramurals tomorrow for Gr. 6.

Girls Basketball tomorrow after school.

School T-Shirts will be for sale next week.

The Active Families Challenge starts on the 20th bring in a picture of your family doing a fun activity.



2:15 band is today.

Boys basketball after school.

There will be runners coming to each classroom to collect students who would like to purchase books today.


Gr 2/3 Christmas Choir at 2nd recess.

Gr.4-6 Christmas Glee Choir at 1st recess.

“All Rocked Out” after school today.

Boys after school basketball starts Thursday.

“Active Families” challenge starts next week! Snap a pic of your family being active and get it to Mrs.Munro to put up on our bulletin board by the gym.


Home and School Meeting has been postponed until, Tuesday the 21st at 7:00.

2:15 band today.

Christmas Glee Choir  practice will be tomorrow at 1st recess. New members are welcome to come.

After school Basketball starts today for girls and thursday for boys.

Special Olympics Fun Day is next week. Get your permission slips in ASAP.

School T-Shirts will be for sale the last week of November.

We are starting an Active Families Challenge next week. Bring in a picture of yourself being active to put on the bulletin board. There will be a monthly draw for a family pool pass and a family skate pass.


Gr.2/3 Christmas Choir at 2nd recess. Also,Christmas Glee Choir at 1st recess open to all students in grades 4-6.

Orange won against Yellow in the Volleyball Championships yesterday!! Great teamwork by both teams!

Basketball for girls starts Tuesday.

Morning Floor Hockey also starts on Tuesday for grs 4-6. Meet at the gym at 7:50.

Jr.Red Rock starts Nov.20th, forms available from Mrs. Munro.


Volleyball Ch’ship Game is being held today at 1st recess …Yellow vs Orange

Intramural”s 2nd recess for Mme.Cusack and Mrs.Macneil’s classes.

Jr. Red Rock Wrestling will begin Nov.20th forms are available from Mrs. Munro.