Talent Show will start at 12:10pm today.

No “Island Rebel rehearsal today.

Boys Floor Hockey after school today.

Thank you to the Girls Floor Hockey group for patience and acceptance of learning the rules to a new game.

Tomorrow is the last day to get your lightbulbs in for ACCEPTANCE and we will have our assembly to recognize your efforts in the new year.

Everyone that goes on the ice tomorrow needs a helmet.



There were some fantastic auditions these last few days!

Unfortunately we cannot take everyone. The list will be posted after 1st recess today.

“All Rocked Out” after school today.

Girls Floor Hockey today after school.

Boys Floor Hockey after school tomorrow.

Short Character Education Meeting after school today at 3:10.


“Island Rebel” at 2:15 today.

Last day for talent show auditions. The list will be posted tomorrow.

Meeting for staff after school in the music room.

Girls floor hockey today and tomorrow after school. Boys floor hockey will be Thursday after school.

Last day to get your pictures in for the Active Families Challenge.


Auditions for the Talent Show will continue today and tomorrow. Those chosen for the performance will be told be Wednesday afternoon.

Also,staff, don’t forget about our meeting after school in the music room after school.

Jr.Red Rock after school today.

This week Floor Ball will go on Tuesday and Wednesday for the girls.Thursday for the boys.

Please check the table upstairs for your hat and mittens.

There is a limited number of skates and helmets available, please tell your teacher if you would like to borrow them for the skate on Friday.


Auditions for the Talent Show continues today. Please make sure your talent is “performance ready” at the audition. This means you need to practice it and be sure of all your music and supplies when you arrive.

No “Island Rebel” today.

A shout out to the boys floor hockey group! Thanks for being good teammates, accepting the referees calls & the rules of the game.

Today is the last day for Kids Club with Claudia until January 18th.