Soccer intramurals will take place on Wednesday Oct.11. The championship game is between Red & Yellow.

Cross Country Zone meet is today at SKC.Today is Jersey day in celebration of the upcoming World Girls Hockey Weekend.

No Montessori today after school.



Remembrance Day Choir for grades 4-6 at 1st recess, more members welcome to come.

Band meeting at 2nd recess.

Gr.2/3 Choir at 2nd recess.

Red won against Purple yesterday at soccer intramurals.

Cross Country meet at SKC tomorrow. Come prepared with your running gear, packed lunch and water.

No Cross Country practice Thursday after school.

Energy Drinks– Students are not to have energy drinks at school.


Congrats to all band members! There were  lots of great auditions but unfortunately we cannot take everyone.

There will be a quick meeting for band members tomorrow at 2nd recess.

Cross Country after school today!

Please confirm with Mrs.Munro whether you are competing or not this Thursday at the Zone meet.

Morning Run tomorrow @7:50am– Meet by the gym doors.

Intramural’s will be Red VS Purple

2nd recess intramural’s are for Mme.Dianne & Mr.Fitzpatrick’s classes.

Grand total for the Terry Fox Run was actually $591.00. Great work MSC!

We are having a Jersey Day on Thursday to celebrate World Girls Hockey Weekend– Coming up this weekend.



Band results will be posted just after 1st recess.

There were lots great auditions,there will be other opportunities for you if you don’t get into band.

Remembrance Day Choir begins today at 1st recess for grades 4-6.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Terry Fox Fundraiser. MCS raised over $500.00. This was the highest total yet.

Sign-ups for gr.4-6 for our World Girls Hockey Fun Day Tourament will be posted to the bulletin board by the gym.

Cross country tomorrow after school.Last evening practice before our meet at SKC on Thursday. Don’t forget  your morning run with Mr. Carpenter Wednesday morning.

Yellow won against Green on Friday at soccer intramurals.Tomorrow’s game will be a make up between Red & Purple!

We are kicking off character education this month! We will start with working on Gratitude.

Morning Phys Ed Classes will  be outside today.


Remembrance Day Choir for grades 4-6 will begin Monday at 1st recess.

Grades 4&6 popcorn will be delivered today! Sorry the delay.

Soccer intramurals at 1st recess. Yellow VS Green.

Intramurals at 2nd recess are for Mmm.Cusack & Mrs.MacNeil,

Terry Fox Run (weather permitting)

10:45-11:10 am-Downstairs.

12:55-1:20 pm-Upstairs.

Sept 28,2017

Remembrance Day Choir will begin on Monday at 1st recess. It is open to grades 4-6. Also, band auditions results will be posted on Monday as well.

Terry Fox Run (weather permitting)

10:45-11:10 am-Downstairs

12:55-1:20 pm-Upstairs

Popcorn deliveries will be happening throughout the day. If we don’t get to your class today it will be delivered tomorrow.

Cross Country today after school .

Friday morning Cross Country will be with Mr.Carpenter  at 7:50 am.


Last day of band auditions. There were a number of no shows yesterday. It is important that you come to your audition.

Results will be posted on Monday.

Remembrance Day Choir begins next week open to students in Gr.4-6.

Soccer intramurals at 1st recess between Red & Purple.

Intramurals at 2nd recess for Mm.Shannon & Mrs. Burke’s classes.

Terry Fox run will be held tomorrow.