June 20,2018

“All Rocked Out” final rehearsal after school.”Island Rebels” will have their final meeting on Monday.

Still looking for school jerseys. Please return then to Mrs.Munro by the end of the week.

Last day of Go!Play is tomorrow after school.

Montague”s Got Talent forms are in the office.

Gardening Club at 11:10 in the library .Bring your lunch.

All students who completed a glue and glitter art project with Mme. Shannon please stop by as soon as possible to pick up your project.234


June 19,2018

All gr.6’s meet in the gym at 1st recess to get ready for sports day.

Go!Play after school today.

School jerseys need to be returned to Mrs.Munro ASAP.

There are no library Classes. Please send book and library materials you are not using to the library..

Taste Taters, Mrs.Macdonald needs your results. Baked Potatoes for the classes involved will be delivered today.

June 18,2018

Art Blitz this afternoon from 12:00-1:20pm.

Sport Day is this Friday. please remember to bring a change of clothes in order to participate in the water activities.

This is the last week of  Go!Play on Tuesday and Thursday.

Reminder to have schools jersey back to Mrs.Munro ASAP.

June 15,2018

Garden Club meeting for grs.3&4 at 11:40am. Bring your lunch.

Please send any library books you are not using to the library today.

Leadership meeting at 1st recess today in the gym.

Please see the e-mail from Mme.Kristy in regards to Mondays ART BLITZ. Which will be taking place this coming Monday from 12-1:20pm.

Todays Cool Kids Care Ice Cream Sale supporting the Diabetes Association will run as usual,during lunch. Students who brought $2 will be invited to sales station and online orders will be delivered to classes. Thank You.

June 14,2018

Gr.2/3 Choir at 2nd recess.

Congrats to everyone on 2 fantastic concerts. Amazing work!!

Go!Play after school for Mme. Amanda class,Mme. Josee, Mme. Bethany class.

Those students with a good memory and a love for ice cream will have a chance to support the Diabetes Association tomorrow. Our last ice cream sale runs tomorrow and we hope to sell out our supply. Thanks for your support for charities all year!

June 13,2018

No band today. Congrats to all performers last night. Tonight and this afternoon will be 4KG, 5KD, 6RA, 5EA and both bands and Glee!

Music classes will be in the gym this morning and 4/5 Dawn will be in the music room.

Show Starts at 6pm please do not arrive before 5:40pm

Any gr.3/4 students who would like to be involved in a school garden and a small take home garden ,meet in the library Wednesday at 1st recess.

Leadership meeting tomorrow at 1st recess.

Phys.Ed is outdoors today. Please meet at the boot trays.

If you still have a school shirt signed out please return to Mrs.Munro ASAP.

Please plan to bring $2 this Friday for our school’s last Cool Kids Care Ice Cream Sale. We will sellout our supply in support of the Canadian Diabetes Association. 75 students have ordered online for this Friday’s sale.Everyone please plan to buy this Friday with $2,

June 12,2018

First concert tonight! Show tonight starts at 6:00pm. Please arrive no earlier than 5:40. Run through today at 12:00.for the entire school. Music classes will be in the gym this morning.

Morning Phys.Ed classes will be in the gym for gr.4-6. K-3 classes will be held outdoors today.

Any gr.3/4 students who would like to be involved in a school garden and a small take home garden ,meet in the library Wednesday at 1st recess.