The New School Year Is Here!

  • Classes begin for students on September 6th.
  • Class assignment information is not available before school begins.
  • All students will be assigned to a homeroom and staff will assist them with locating their classroom the first few days.  Once assigned to a homeroom changes are  very rarely made.
  • Please inform office staff of any changes to after school arrangements ASAP. (busing, pick-up…etc)

June 27,2018

All music classes will meet  in the gym today.

Please clean out your lockers and check Lost And Found for any clothing.

Lost And Found is up for grabs today.

Garden Club please take home Salsa Gardens.

Please return all library books.

Please return school jerseys.

Have a great summer holiday.

June 20,2018

“All Rocked Out” final rehearsal after school.”Island Rebels” will have their final meeting on Monday.

Still looking for school jerseys. Please return then to Mrs.Munro by the end of the week.

Last day of Go!Play is tomorrow after school.

Montague”s Got Talent forms are in the office.

Gardening Club at 11:10 in the library .Bring your lunch.

All students who completed a glue and glitter art project with Mme. Shannon please stop by as soon as possible to pick up your project.234

June 19,2018

All gr.6’s meet in the gym at 1st recess to get ready for sports day.

Go!Play after school today.

School jerseys need to be returned to Mrs.Munro ASAP.

There are no library Classes. Please send book and library materials you are not using to the library..

Taste Taters, Mrs.Macdonald needs your results. Baked Potatoes for the classes involved will be delivered today.