Gr.2/3 Choir at 2nd recess.

Honour Choir at 2nd recess.

Gr.4-6 Glee Choir begins today at 1st recess. Everyone in grade 4,5 and 6 are welcome.

“All Rocked Out” after school.

Wrestling today after school today.

Girls badminton at 1st recess.

Boys Badminton after school tomorrow.

Don’t forget to get your Active Families pictures in to Mrs. Munro. We will be drawing for a family pool and skate pass on March 23,2018



No “Island Rebels” today.

Gr.4-6 Gless Choir will begin Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

Leadership meeting at 2nd recess today.

Jr.Red Rock today after school.

No school Tuesday, so no badminton tomorrow.

Book Fair items will be delivered later today.


Gr.2/3 Choir at 2nd recess.

Honour Choir at 1st recess.

Gr.4-6 Glee Choir will begin next week! If you love singing and moving, you will love this.

Boys badminton today after school today.

Basketball will only be on Saturday morning this weekend from 10:30-12.00pm.

Book sales will be later today. Please do not come to the library until someone notifies you.


“Island Rebel” at 2:15 today.

“All Rocked Out” after school.

School wrestling today until 4pm and Jr.Red Rock wrestlers stay until 4:30pm.

Boys badminton tomorrow after school.

Basketball Club will be Saturday this week due to Parent/teacher Interviews. The club will run for another 5 weeks. Please see Mrs.Munro for a list of dates and times.


Gr.2/3 Choir at 2nd recess.

Honour Choir at 1st recess.

Also, 4-6 Glee Choir will begin next week. If you love to sing and move, this will be perfect for you. Stay Tuned

Girls badminton today after school.

School wrestling tomorrow after school.

Cool Kids Care meets today at 2nd recess please bring colouring supplies.

Please bring in used batteries to recycle.


“Island Rebel” at 2:15pm today.

Congrats to Mrs.Lanigan’s class for winning Olympic Trivia!. Mme.Josee class was 2nd and Mme. Dawn class was 3rd.

Jr.Red Rock Wrestling today after school.

Girls badminton tomorrow after school.

Thank you, students and teachers for helping Cool Kids Care Club donate $325.00 our Breakfast Program.


Basketball after school today and Saturday morning 10:30-12:00 pm

Free Throw competition at MIS Saturday for those that Qualified.

Book Fair setting up in the Library for viewing.

Spring Volleyball Feb.25 6-7:30 Montague High girls in Gr.6-12.