Gr.5/6 Gymnastics after school.

Basketball Friday after school 4-6 pm.

Basketball Saturday morning 10:30-12:00 pm.

Ok MCS is time to make a plan. The plan should be to help Cool Kids Care Club make a great donation to our school’s Breakfast Program. We are so lucky to have super volunteer’s and awesome food choices. Bring your $2 tomorrow to enjoy an ice cream sandwich from the Cool Kids Care club.



“Island Rebels” at 2:15 today.

Girls badminton after school.

School wrestling after school tomorrow.

Students age 9-12 cam come to the gym at 1st recess today for Free Throw Basketball Contest. The top boy & girl will advance to the unit contest at Montague Intermediate this Saturday.

Bring in your old batteries to help support Earth Rangers.

Game Force tomorrow.

Cool Kids Care meet 2nd recess today to vote for the charity we will support for the sale coming up this Friday. Please bring a pencil.

Swimming and skate sign up sheet in the office.


“Island Rebel”at 2:15pm today.

“All Rocked out” after school.

Phys Ed classes will be held at the upstairs boot trays this morning.

School wrestling after school today.\

Boys badminton tomorrow after school.

Reminder that basketball is cancelled friday but will go ahead on Saturday morning.

Leadership meeting at 1st recess in the gym.

Please return the upstairs Chrome cart key to the library.

Earth Rangers at 10am,there will be an announcement to go to the gym.


Gr.2/3 Choir at 2nd recess.

“All Rocked out” will rehearse today and Thursday at 1st recess.

Girls badminton today after school.

School wrestling starts tomorrow after school.

See sign-up sheets in the office for potential skating and swimming opportunities.

There is an important meeting for Cool Kids Care today at 2nd recess. We have a guest speaker Robyn MacCormack who will describe the needs of our school’s Breakfast Program.




Last gymnastic practice before the provincials will be at 1st recess today! Good luck to all athletes attendingĀ  provincials in Kensington on Saturday!

Boys badminton today after school.

Basketball today at 4pm and Saturday at 10:30 am

Some gr.6 students will be showing citizenship by participating in the Fish Friends Project. We have 200 baby Salmon we will babysit until they are released at Mooney’s Pond.